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Ellen Fitzpatrick - Author of Letters to Jackie: Condolences from a Grieving NationEllen Fitzpatrick, a professor and scholar specializing in modern American political and intellectual history, is the author and editor of eight books. Her last book, New York Times bestseller Letters to Jackie became the basis of a highly regarded documentary film by Bill Couturie entitled Letters to Jackie: Remembering President Kennedy. Fitzpatrick served as Associate Producer. She has been interviewed as an expert on modern American political history by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles TimesUSA Today, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, CBS’s Face the Nation, National Public Radio and has appeared on the PBS News Hour. Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire, where she has been recognized for Excellence in Public Service, Fitzpatrick lives in Newton, Massachusetts.

Other books by Ellen Fitzpatrick:

Letters to Jackie: Condolences for a Grieving Nation (2010)

History’s Memory: Writing America’s Past, 1880-1980 (2004)

Century of Struggle: The Woman’s Rights Movement in the United States (1996) with Eleanor Flexner

Muckraking: Three Landmark Articles (1994)
Endless Crusade: Women Social Scientists and Progressive Reform (1994)
America in Modern Times (1994) with Alan Brinkley

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