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OLD Commentary

The Unfavored Daughter: When Margaret Chase Smith Ran In
The New Hampshire Primary

The New Yorker, Book excerpt from The Highest Glass Ceiling

The Highest Cracked Glass
Harvard University Press

What political experts and historians think of Clinton’s unprecedented win (podcast)
PBS News Hour

Hillary Clinton makes and inherits history
CNN – Opinion

Why Has It Taken So Long For An American Woman To Get This Close To The Oval Office? (podcast)
WBUR Radion Boston with Ellen Fitzpatrick and Anthony Brooks

The Man Card: An American Tradition Of Presidents Using Their Gender To Get Ahead
Huffington Post, Amanda Terkey, Senior Political Reporter with Ellen Fitzpatrick

The presidency: America's highest glass ceiling (podcast)
Ellen Fitzpatrick tells us how the campaigns of Victoria Woodhull, Margaret Chase Smith and Shirley Chisholm can inform this year's election.
MPR News, recorded at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Before Hillary Clinton, these women tried breaking the ‘Highest Glass Ceiling’ (podcast)
PBS Newshour with Ellen Fitzpatrick and Judy Woodruff

A History of Women Presidential Candidates
KCRW, Morning Becomes Eclectic with Ellen Fitzpatrick and Jason Bentley

“Shirley Chisholm’s Dream of a Woman President” (podcast)
WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show

Historian Ellen Fitzpatrick discusses, The Highest Glass Ceiling with WGBH radio host and television commentator Callie Crossley
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Discussion of The Highest Glass Ceiling
with Ellen Fitzpatrick and Pamela Paul, Editor of the New York Times Book Review

Ellen Fitzpatrick discusses The Highest Glass Ceiling
No Jargon by The Scholars Strategy Network

Playing the Woman Card
The Los Angeles Times – Op Ed

Wise Men vs. Old Women: On Presidential Double-Standards
Literary Hub – Op-Ed